Since its establishment in 2012, JARILAGER Gallery (Cologne/Seoul) has played a pivotal role as the holding company for UNION Gallery (London) and has expanded its reach with the recent opening of its doors in Seoul's Gangnam district in 2023. Jari Lager serves as the director of both entities. Over the course of a decade, JARILAGER Gallery (Cologne/Seoul) has evolved into a distinct entity while maintaining collaborative ties with its sister gallery, UNION Gallery, located in London and managed by William Gustafsson.


Jari Lager, who divides his time between London, Cologne, and Seoul, has been closely engaged with international art for three decades. His journey commenced with the Lisson Gallery, followed by the founding of the artist-run space VTO in London's East End in 1998. Subsequently, he established Union Gallery in 2003, initially situated on Union Street near the Tate Gallery and now based in London's East End.


This transcontinental network facilitated the promotion of emerging Korean artists in Europe and introduced international artists to the Korean art scene, starting as early as 2016.


JARILAGER Gallery remains a dynamic force in three countries—Germany, the United Kingdom, and South Korea. In addition to hosting on-site exhibitions, the gallery actively participates in international art fairs and produces off-site exhibitions. This approach serves as a platform for fostering dialogues and promoting artists from diverse cultural backgrounds.